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Think Academy UK is a part of the TAL Education Group (NYSE:TAL) – a world’s leading educational group listed in New York Stock Exchange. It focuses on the training of mathematical thinking, and problem solving ability, that is trusted by more than 40 million parents and students around the world.

At Think Academy UK, since the first class in October 2020 to the present, we have offered our students multiple innovative teaching methods and allowed our students to think and solve problems individually which will  "benefit for a lifetime”. Taking 7+, 11+, and GCSE exams as our core focus we will cover a wide variety of syllabus, thus giving our students a substantial advantage in entrance exams and maths competitions. 

One of the things that we are very proud of is that as a result of taking our online long term courses and activities through out the year, 96% out of our 11+ and 13+ years groups of students have received offers from their desired secondary schools, namely St Pauls, Wycombe Abbey, Westminster, KCS, Tonbridge school etc.

We have organised mathematical thinking training camps, rapid calculation contests, NVR camps, TMC challenges and other activities. Over the years, we have studied 630 sets of British 7+, 11+, 13+, UKMT, GCSE and other past exam papers, totalling over 16000 questions analysing all GCSE and secondary school mathematics competitions in the past 15 years.

As an ed-tech driven educational institution, Think Academy has a more mature and complete educational system in the market. Teaching, research and development is one of the bottom layers of its teaching system. Think Academy invests huge sums of money every year, independently develops and writes, and updates according to the latest educational standards and trends.

Up to now, Think Academy has more than 4,000 course developers with more than ten years of teaching experience. Its database includes millions of researched past paper questions, covering key competition questions and top school entry examination questions in the UK. Based on big data and our rich teaching experience, our teachers design handouts and support products that conform to students' cognitive abilities. Our knowledge system and ability are closely integrated to cultivating children's mathematical ability through our proprietary online learning platform.

At Think Academy UK, in order to better implement our educational philosophy and help local children develop rigorous scientific thinking and problem solving abilities, we uphold the mission of "better education through love and technology" and are committed to use our advanced teaching system and our unique online classroom software to provide the best maths courses for British children.

Along the way, we have gained the recognition and help of many parents, and the love and support of many students - of which we are deeply honoured and grateful. We can only do our best to teach every class well, serve every student and parent well, and live up to the trust of our students and the expectations of parents for their children.

In recent years, Think Academy has established overseas teaching centres in the United States, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, Canada, and Malaysia, serving students around the world with world-leading teaching quality, resources and technologies. 

As of February 2023, we have served over 40 million of students in more than 100 cities around the world. Over the past 20 years, we have provided local student-centred online and offline collaboratives with professional teaching solutions and services. Ultimately, while adhering to professionalism and industry leading standards we have trained many outstanding students.

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