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Sponsors for Educational Opportunity, Ltd. (SEO London) is a registered charity in the UK dedicated to offering educational, training, and mentoring support to students and young professionals from low socioeconomic and ethnic minority backgrounds.

Our programmes foster pre-professional development, facilitate career access, and ensure long-term success in various competitive global industries. Since our establishment in 2000, SEO London has played a pivotal role in advancing workplace diversity and inclusion. Numerous alumni, who have benefited from our transformative initiatives, now occupy key positions in leading UK and global corporations and firms. Our collaborations span across industries such as investment banking, asset management, consulting, commercial real estate, technology, alternative investments, insurance, and corporate law. Through partnerships with our sponsor firms, we empower our participants by providing industry insights, employability support, and exclusive access to job and internship opportunities in their chosen sectors.

Our SEO Schools division provides students from underrepresented and low  socio-economic backgrounds in Year 11-13 with access to academic, professional and enrichment opportunities.


  • Intensive 1-week summer residential programme
  • Designed for Year 11 students post-GCSE exams
  • Delivers an introduction to corporate career pathways, insights into different industries and exposure to top employers


  • 2-year work readiness programme
  • Starts in Year 12 and finishes at the end of Year 13
  • Cross-industry and university insights
  • Delivered in-person during school holidays, and virtually during term time


  • One year of Apprenticeship application support
  • Support with getting on to the most competitive Higher
  • Level and Degree Apprenticeships
  • Includes mentoring, personal and professional development

Our SEO London Careers division prepares students university students from ethnic minority or low  socio-economic backgrounds for success in competitive industries.


  • Transition to university guidance and support to access our support from year 13
  • Education programmes to provide the knowledge and skills to secure an internship or vacation scheme.
  • Internship or vacation scheme holder training offer to support participants to thrive on their internship or vacation scheme.
  • A suite of targeted, special programmes to address particular industry demand, need or skills gaps. 

"My experience in the SEO Schools programme was overwhelmingly positive and invaluable. SEO Schools connected me to many opportunities and ran invaluable workshops that boosted my employability skills and helped me secure many opportunities. For example, the multiple prestigious work experiences I secured through SEO during my Year 12 Summer. Other than career-related opportunities, the SEO Schools programme also fostered networking with like-minded young professionals which are connections that I will cherish for life. Overall, this opportunity to partake in the programme was incredibly insightful and beneficial in developing my professional skillset and commercial awareness."  Nicholas, SEO Schools Alumni

Education and Careers Support


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