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Bonas MacFarlane is running Step Up Expo's Education Clinic.
Our team is on hand to discuss your pathway.

16+ Choices
In Years 8-11? Get help with:

  • GCSE, A Level and IB Choices
    Which subjects should you choose? Will my choices affect my sixth form and university options? Will they shape my future career options? How do I balance the subjects that I love with those that keep my options open?
  • 16+ Entrance
    How do I strengthen a sixth form application? What questions should I ask when choosing between schools? How do competitive state sixth forms select students? Are there scholarships to the independent sector that I might consider?
  • T-level and B-Tech Choices
    How do I find out more about T-level and B-Tech options if A Levels or IB aren’t for me?

18+ Choices 
In Years 12-13? Get help with:

  • University Entrance
    Is going to university the right path? How do I choose between different universities and courses? How do I strengthen my UCAS application? Are there options in the United States or Europe that I might consider?
  • Careers and Apprenticeships
    When should I start thinking about career options? Where can I look to learn more about the different options? How do I find out about apprenticeships? How do I compare what different apprenticeships might offer?

Teen Choices
Get answers to the questions faced by teenagers in all year groups

  • Revision strategies
    What are the best ways to revise? When should I start? 
  • Private Tuition
    What does tutoring involve? How might it make a difference for me? What options are available and how can I access them?

About Bonas MacFarlane

Bonas MacFarlane has been offering academic advice and support to students and families for over 25 years. We are often approached for comment by national press and have featured in The Times, The Telegraph and the BBC News Magazine amongst others.

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7 July 2023
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