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Criminal Investigation Day - The Big Heist

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19 July 2023 - 17 October 2023 19 July 2023 17 October 2023

Our Criminal Investigation Days are for you if you have an inquisitive mind and are considering studying a degree in criminology, law, policing or psychology.

During the day we will re-visit what happened on the day of The Big Heist, based on true events such as the Hatton Garden burglary and other famous heists. We’ll examine the facts, explore the evidence and build a timeline of events.

You’ll experience the role of a lawyer, criminologist, forensic police officer, psychologist or judge and find out how they interrelate with each other. You’ll develop vital skills for the workplace and further education, such as public speaking, logical thinking and cross-examination.

We will:

  • Analyse and examine the case evidence
  • Consider the witness statements
  • Explore the role of legal professionals in a mock trial

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