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Unifrog is the universal destinations platform.

Social enterprise

Our mission is to level the playing field when it comes to students finding and applying successfully for the best opportunities for them. We want to revolutionise CEIAG so that every student - regardless of background - finds their best next step.

A one-stop shop

We bring all the available information into a single, impartial, user-friendly platform to help students compare every university course, every apprenticeship, every Further Education course - and submit the strongest applications.

Whole-school careers guidance

Younger year groups have access to a wealth of useful tools including personality profiling, space to record and reflect on their skills development, and Careers and Subjects libraries to inspire them and get them excited about their future pathways. We also have accounts for parents and caregivers to help them engage with their child’s careers learning.

Empowering teachers

We also empower teachers and advisors to manage the progression process effectively to make sure Unifrog has a genuine impact in each of the 3,500 schools we work with. We reduce staff admin time, offer schools unlimited CPD and staff training opportunities, and have an impressive track record of increasing access to prestigious universities, competitive apprenticeships, and top employers.

Our Application Management tools make the process of writing personal statements and teacher references easier and more successful, with expert guidance and progress bars so that every student and teacher knows their next step and is held to account.

Heart of the destinations community

The Unifrog community is made up of teachers, careers leaders, employers, and universities. We bring together knowledge, skills, and expertise from all post-school pathways, and help our partner schools and colleges to build stronger links with universities and businesses through our conferences, CPD events, and online community groups.



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