Bring your Hopes & Dreams

Make education, career, life choices at the Expo

3 Stages

3 main stages, 54 talks

Over two days inspirational young speakers will be sharing their education, career & life journeys on three stages:

  • 16+ Choices Stage
    • Would I suit A-Levels, T-Levels, BTEC, IB?
    • Tech, tutors, self-help? How to revise for GCSEs
    • Dreaming of Hogwarts? What's it really like to board?
    • Leave school at 16 or stay put?
    • Can teenagers change the world?
  • Teen Choices Stage
    • How to ace your Personal Statement
    • What's it like to study at a highly academic university?
    • Could Esports be a career path?
    • A creative career path
    • Find your future career: Top 10 trending jobs
  • 18+ Choices Stage
    • How do you decide what to do next?
    • Should I go to university?
    • Working in a frontline service
    • Earn while you learn: choosing apprenticeships
    • Home or Away? The key university choice


Improve your applications with practical support

Sixth Form Bursaries

If you have ever dreamt of being at a top independent school or thought you would like to board, then you should look closely at the Bursary & Scholarships Workshops programme. 

Some of the UK's most well-known independent schools, such as St Paul's, Winchester College, Millfield and St Paul's Girls, will be explaining the generous financial assistance available for the right sixth form entrants. These independent schools are at Step Up for a reason. They want to find good applicants.

There are 22 talks on this workshop stage. Browse the programme, and research the schools to find the ones that seem most suitable for you.

The talks will inform you and your parents about the assistance that's available, who qualifies, how schools assess applicants and when to apply.